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  1. tatianatheemoji answered: Frank Ocean
  2. awesomly-awkward answered: FRANK OCEAN
  3. stokley-radica answered: Alabama Shakesssssssszzzz
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  6. hollsbolls answered: FUN!
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  8. ricky6112 answered: fun.
  9. chuckaboomboom answered: Frank Ocean. :) He deserves it!!! :D
  10. clubginger answered: fun.
  11. lildebbiecake420 answered: frank ocean!!!!!!
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    I’m voting for Alabama Shakes, but I’m guessing it’ll be between Frank Ocean or Fun.
  13. genieechulaa answered: Frank Ocean!
  14. rockstarjade answered: Hunter Hayes
  15. roswell1988 answered: f.u.n
  16. ihonestlydgaf answered: Miguel .
  17. twasadreamofcarlas answered: Frank Ocean
  18. slobberbubble answered: FUN
  19. blondegerman09 answered: FUN.!!!
  20. zizero answered: Fun
  21. iamlapeur answered: Frank Ocean!
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  23. myishbang answered: fun
  24. weezerfann answered: Alabama Shakes
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  26. kimieshaischic answered: Fun
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    I can’t handle these kinds of questions. I love all of them.
  29. njain answered: Frank Ocean for sure! He released such a great album that was full of really beautiful songs. I can definitely see him having a great career!
  30. mylifeinessays answered: Fun.
  31. atisena answered: Alabama Shakes <3
  32. daisyduke-peek-a-boo answered: frank ocean
  33. hells10bells answered: Alabama Shakes
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  36. maraboudee answered: fun
  37. oxford-chai answered: I really want The Lumineers to win
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