Want a chance to have your artwork ft. on a car + at the 2014 SCOPE Art Show in Miami Beach? Enter now at Fiat.vh1.com #DrivenByArt

VH1 traveled to Miami to take part in the Scope Art Show, and we brought along You Oughta Know artist Metric for the opening party.

All photos courtesy of A Horse With No Name

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Hugh Hayden explores racial identity by questioning long-held community traditions. Whether it’s a braided portrait of Beyoncé or a shaved “fading” of Obama on sheepskin, Hayden’s tongue-in-cheek commentary of black identity in America engages viewers on a visceral level.
See Hayden’s work at #SCOPEMiami 2012 as a VH1+SCOPE #YOK #ArtistsOnTheRise featured artist!
Created by the Design and Social Team of MTV.