I’m just sitting at chipotle grinning like an idiot. It’s still sinking in. Getting paid to work in Times Square at VH1 just sounds like a dream. If it is I never want to wake up.

Welcome to the VH1 Family!  You’ll be just down the hall from Team Social! See guys, if you want to be an intern at Viacom (which includes VH1) you can make that dream come true. Application details HERE.

BTW, shout out to current VH1 Intern Jen, who has been KILLING IT with the GIFs lately.

How can I apply for an internship with VH1?

Internships at all Viacom companies (including VH1) can be applied for HERE.  :)

If you were an intern which semester would you prefer?

Ohh, good question! Both of us sitting in the VH1 Social Media cubicle have not been Viacom interns, however our gut says Spring is the best option.  You get the start of a new year, and the ability to continue into the summer or jump to a new department by then after knowing the lay of the land.  In general we’d reccomend trying a Fall or Spring internship over Summer, as there are more interns around in the Summer vying to both the jobs and the attention.  However, if Summer is all you’ve got, you can make it work!

It’s less about the time of year and more about what you make of it, for sure.  And also coming in understanding that you might not go straight from Internship to job, but that you can lay the groundwork to come back when a job is available.

Any intern positions? I want to be in television. ;)

I know we’re always hiring interns every season, here’s the formal process to fill out applications!

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